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  GPS Module Ct-G340
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The Connectec Ct-G340 S4 GPS module is a high sensitivity, low power, Surface Mount Device (SMD) that can be compatible to Ct-G348 or fully utilized SiRFstarIV upgrade features.
This 48-channel global positioning system (GPS) receiver is designed for a wide range of OEM applications and is based on the GPS signal search capabilities of the SiRFstarIV GSD4e
chipset, SiRF’s newest chipset technology. The Ct-G340 S4 provides flexible I/O interfaces (UART is default, I2C and SPI by customer requirement).

  • Highest performance GPS PVT engine
  • High acquisition sensitivity for fast TTFF
  • Extremely low weak signal tracking sensitivity
  • High jamming immunity
  • Smallest footprint and total solution size
  • Highest level of BOM integration
  • Value added software enhancements
  • Multimode A-GPS (Autonomous, MS-Based, and MS-Assisted) – Need operator Support
  • Embedded CGEE / SGEE (Need server support) speed up TTFF a lot and makes cold start
    time to be around 22 seconds.
  • SiRFGeoRecovTM Reverse EE make positioning process being done under power saving
  • Reacquisition Time: 0.1 second
  • RF Metal Shield for best performance in noisy environments
  • DIP type pitch 2.0mm- 2x10 pin header.
  • Protocol: NMEA-0183 compliant.
  • Baud Rate: 4800 bps, 9600 bps, 19200 bps, 38400 bps.
  • RF Connector : MCX, Right angle MCX (RMCX) - option, Right angle SMA (RSMA) - option .
  • Built-in LNA.
  • Embed CGEE (Client Generated Extended Ephemeris) that can capture ephemeris data
    from satellites locally and predicts ephemeris out to 3 days. So if the module was off
    within 3 days, it could complete positioning process within 2 seconds just like hot start.
  • It can remove in-band jammer up to 80db-Hz and track up to 8CW jammers, so the
    module can prevent GPS signal interference when design-in the electrical device with
    noisy electrical signal interferences such as Laptop, mobile phone, DSC, etc.
  • Maintain tracking sensitivity as low as -163dBm, even without network assistance. (SiRF
    StarIII has only -159dBm sensitivity)
  • 5 Hz Navigation Update Rate : User can select 1 Hz or 5 Hz navigation update rate.
    (V4.1.0 firmware will be support)
  • SBAS Ranging : SBAS satellite measurements will be used in the navigation solution for
    improved DOP and coverage.(V4.1.0 firmware will support)
  • Suitable for battery drive devices that need lower power consumption application
  • Ideal for high volume mass production(Taping reel package)
  • Cost saving through elimination of RF and board to board digital connectors .
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